Our Story

In March 2020, the COVID-19 lockdown saw hospitality closures across the UK, and we too were turning the lights off in the dining rooms of our restaurants The Black Swan at Oldstead and Roots York, unsure of when we’d be returning.

Suddenly we found ourselves with no business, and staff, and suppliers to look after, and a desire to keep cooking for our community. So, one evening Tommy and his business partner Matt stood on the field overlooking Oldstead farm and they decided that night they’d try to bring their food to people’s homes.

Along with a skeleton team we set about creating simple, but great, meals that could be re-heated at home, delivering around our local area as well as making a weekly trip to the ICU at York Hospital with care packages for staff.

Word soon got out, and more and more people were asking about how THEY could get their hands on a Made In Oldstead delivery. We upgrade to a couple of refrigerated vans we borrowed from a friend, and soon 80 boxes turned into 250, and we were making deliveries around York, Harrogate, and Leeds.

It didn’t take long before you lovely lot started telling your friends over Zoom drinks about us, and we had people from Exeter to Edinburgh trying to order. And, after a few trial runs (let’s not talk about that), and the patience of some brilliant customers, we went nationwide, swapping refrigerated vans for fully refrigerated (ec0-friendly!) packaging. This gave us more time in the kitchen to develop exciting and innovative menus for you to try. Plus, we got to see more incredible photos of you enjoying your night’s in with our food – from restaurant set-ups in your dining room, to using children as waiting staff, and we even catered for a wedding!

Fast forward a busy year and a half – and what a year it has been – here we are. Made In Oldstead as we know it today. A premium food delivery service, delivering multi-course menus straight to your door. Inspired by our roots of farming and the land around us, and our Michelin-starred background, we are the epitome of fine-dining on demand, turning any occasion into a celebration. And we are just getting started.

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